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The most complete range of World-Leading Marine Coatings and Boat Care products is now available in New Zealand.

Our coatings are produced to the highest standards using advanced resin technology and many use low-solvent solutions to reduce impact on the marine environment.
As experts in the yacht/boat paint business, we're here to help you with your paint project. We hope our experience and expertise makes your life easier and your paint project more successful.

Our promise to our customers isn't "Keep Painting". It's "Keep Sailing".

Product range

We offer the boating enthusiast a complete range of products for every boat care and painting task - as well as comprehensive application advice.

Primers & Undercoats

Selecting the right primer will protect the boat's substrate, avoid early failure of a subsequent painting system and enhance the final finish.

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Filling and fairing will streamline the surface of your boat, improving hull performance through the water, and giving clean, smooth lines on the topsides. If the substrate is damaged, you’ll need structural filling and fairing.

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Fouling not only makes a boat look unsightly, it can also foul propellers and outdrives, block engine water inlets and outlets, slow down the boat speed, increase fuel costs and ultimately damage the hull substrate/surface.

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Paint will enhance the appearance of any surface and offer protection against the elements.

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Deck coating & Anti-slip

Deck coatings and anti- slip pearls will provide a durable non-slip surface where required.

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Varnishes & Oils

Varnish will protect wood against the elements. And – where the wood is of good quality – enhance the natural beauty of the surface.

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It’s important you only use the Thinners recommended for each application. Not doing so, or substituting other proprietary products, will result in an unsatisfactory finish.

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A boat will need maintaining during the season to ensure it keeps its good appearance and sailing capabilities and the coating system is maintained. How much maintenance and care is needed will depend on the environment in which the boat is sailed.

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Sealers & Glue

Epoxy systems for all your sealing and bonding requirements.

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