Deck coating & Anti-slip

Non Slip Deck Coating

Durable coating for deck areas - Contains fine granules for a non-slip finish. Easy to apply straight onto substrate.
(Use suitable primer on previously uncoated surface).

Minimum application temperature: 5°C.

Thinner/Tool cleaner: Thinner No 3

Covers: 9.2 m²/ltr

Temp Touch dry Re-coat (min/max)
10° 4 hours 6 hours / 10 days
20° 2 hours 3 hours / 5 days

Tools: Paint pad Paintbrush Roller Spray equipment

Colours: White Light grey

Anti-Slip Pearls

For areas such as decks, where you need an anti-slip finish, MultiCoat and Brilliant Gloss – with the addition of Anti-Slip Pearls – will give an anti-slip surface that allows colour matching and co-ordinating with other glossed areas.
Anti-Slip Pearls can be added to any top coat to give an anti-slip finish where required.