Clean & Shine

Concentrated wash and wax that effectively cleans, shines and leaves a protective coating in one application. For use on all surfaces.
Dilute 1 part Clean & Shine with 10 parts fresh or sea water for heavy cleaning. Up to 50 parts for general cleaning. Apply with a sponge, soft brush or cloth, rinse with fresh water.

Minimum application temperature: 5°C.

Gelcoat Cleaning Gel

High strength, non-abrasive cleaning gel for removing rust
& exhaust stains, waterline deposits, fender and other marks over small/local areas. Use only on gelcoat and painted surfaces. Does not run when applied to vertical surfaces. Chemical process avoids the need to rub or scrub the surface.

Apply by brush, leave for 15 to 30 minutes, wash off with freshwater, brushing if necessary.

Minimum application temperature: 5°C.

RIB Cleaner

Powerful, concentrated, solvent free cleaner and degreaser for RIB tubes and hulls, as well as other rubber and vinyl surfaces. Especially suited to remove dirt and UV light degradation. Can be used with high pressure cleaning equipment. Do not use on alkaline sensitive substrates such as aluminium.

Dilute 1 part RIB Cleaner with 10 parts fresh water for general cleaning, reducing dilution for more demanding cleaning. After 5 minutes, wash/scrub the surface with freshwater until all residues have been removed.

Minimum application temperature: 5°C.

Rubbing Liquid

Fine abrasive rubbing compound to remove oxidisation and light scratch marks from most surfaces, including aluminium. Restores and renews the gloss and colour to gelcoat and painted surfaces.

Apply with a soft cloth, rub by hand or with a polishing machine, wipe away any residue with a clean cloth.

Minimum application temperature: 5°C.

Custom Marine Polish

Liquid polish which cleans, polishes and protects gelcoat painted and varnished surfaces. Contains silicone which cures on the surface to create a protective barrier and clear gloss.


Liquid wax for use on gelcoat, painted and varnished surfaces, leaving an extremely glossy UV protective finish.

Apply with a soft cloth, polish by hand or with a polishing machine, allow to dry for 5–10 minutes, polish then wipe away any residue with a clean cloth leaving a high gloss finish.

Minimum application temperature: 5°C.